American Linen Placemat

?? PRODUCT FEATURE ?? Material: Cotton Linen Size: 18"X12"(45cmX30cm) Package: Set of 4/6 ?? FUNCTION AND USAGE ?? 1. Simple and elegant placemats are more easier to match your family decoraction. 2. A piece good placemat to make you feel good when you eat, improve your dining experience, and give your guests a better impression. 3. Placed under cups, tablewares, vases and ashtrays as decoration to your dining tables and tea tables. 4. Used as placemats,coasters,potholders and heat pads on dining tables,tea tables and pianos. 5. Home, hotel and business offices, conference tables, kitchen tables. 6. Indoor for home, hotel, business offices, conference table or kitchen table, outdoor for wedding, party or BBQ event. ?? CARE INSTRUCTIONS ?? 1. Easy clean with water and dry under the shade. 2. Not totally spill proof, if something dirty get on, please wash clean soon 3. Easy clean with wet cloth or rinse with little cleaner would make them look as new. 4. When you meet Crease Problem , please soak it into warm water and take it out, and put some heavy thing on it, then the Crease will disappear.

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