Bugmat Mosqutio Mats 15s

Product Description A mosquito's irritating bites can ruin almost any occasion. ItÕs not just about the nuisance they cause; mosquitoes are also carriers of some of the most deadly diseases! Hence, getting rid of them should be a priority. Protect your families happy moments with the most innovative mosquito repellents from the house of Good knight. We bring to you the safest and the most technologically superior products to protect your family and loved ones. From the Manufacturer Mosquitoes find a lot of ways to trouble you Ð they not just 'sing' in your ears when you are spending a nice evening around your loved one but bite you in awkward places, leaving you crazy for the rest of the evening. They also bring with them a lot of deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya. These tiny whining insects can cause you so much nuisance that simply the sight of swarming mosquitoes is enough to ruin your mood. Do not let these pestering sharp-mouthed flies spoil your sleep. Good knight offers its line of mosquito control products to help keep you and your family from harmful flies and mosquitoes. It offers the Silver Power mosquito repellent mat that is a safe option than coils, repellent creams and killer sprays. India's first electric mosquito repellent, this mat is made to overcome issues like smoke when it comes to mosquito control. Designed to provide uninterrupted 12-hour protection against mosquitoes, this mat helps you enjoy great family time. Simply push it into the Good knight machine and turn on the switch, and let its fumes do the magic! The Good knight Silver Power Mat comes in a pack of 4 with 30 mats per pack. It is ideal for indoor use.

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