Butterfly Choice Soil Amendment 3L

Weight-900 Grams, Pumice stones have been successfully used in Bonsai plantation and other plants in Japan for a long period. Pumice stones are made from volcanic rocks and therefore they are not found naturally in India. These stones are imported from other countries where Volcanoes are available. Use of Pumice stones in potting mix of garden plants is considered as the best choice because itÕs fully organic. For organic farming, use of these stones is increasing. Pumice stones have porous composition and they are much lighter than ordinary stones. They contribute in soil aeration also. Pumice improves the quality of soil because of its porous properties. They retain moisture in optimum quantity and absorb needful nutrients for continuous supply to plants roots. Pumice stones ensure proper drainage in soil. All nutrients can be stored in the small holes of these stones for continuous supply to plants. To show healthy growth of plants (due to use of pumice stones), some images of the plants have been shown only for reference. Those plants will not be sent along with this product.

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