Chelan White Sweet Cherries 1lb

The Rainier cherry (Prunus avium) is a unique cross between two dark red varieties of sweet cherry; namely, the Bing variety and the Van variety. Being a large yellow cherry with a bright red blush, it has a distinctive and superior appearance among sweet cherry varieties. Rainier cherries that are grown in the Pacific Northwest are available in summer from June through August. Those grown in Chile are available in winter. Nutritional Punch of Rainier Cherry LetÕs take a look at the Ranier cherry nutrition information other than the carbs. One cup of Rainier cherries provides 91 calories with only three calories coming from fats. This is because the total fat content in a cup of these cherries is just 0.29 g, and it is contributing nothing toward the daily permissible limit of 65g of total fat consumption. Further, Rainier cherries have no dietary cholesterol.

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