Fuji Cd-R 80 Mins

Product Description This Fuji spindle pack of 30 CD-R discs comes in a fun swirl of color. Each pack includes 6 red, orange, blue, green and purple disks, so you can record your favorite songs on a disk of your favorite color. Each disk has 700 MB and up to 80 mins. recording time. From 1X to 24X write speed. Imported. 5Lx5Wx4D". Amazon.com Fujifilm recordable CDs are designed to be superior write-once optical media. Technological advances have led to optimal archival life (70 to 100 years), proven prevention against data degradation, and high read-back reliability. A high-sensitivity organic color layer and highly reflective film layer gives Fujifilm CD-Rs improved reflectivity at lower power levels. This means lower error rates, even with compromised power levels in the write laser or if the lens is dirty. Fujifilm's rigorous testing has confirmed that these discs are compatible with today's most popular CD-R writers and CD-ROM drives. Further, the discs offer superior longevity, holding up in tests for over a million read passes with no data degradation.

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