Gerber Barley Cereal 8oz

Special design high quality LED faucet with three beautiful colors. Water flow automatically changes the color with the temperature changed . No Battery and electronic connection needed and the light only works while the faucet is open. There is a micromoto inside the faucet and it can supply power to the LED light with the water flow supply power to itself. LED turns green when under 28¡C, turns blue when between 28¡C - 38¡C, turns red when between 38¡C - 48¡C and flashes when higher than 48¡C. 0~28_ Green 28~38_ Blue 38~48_ Red Higher than 48_ Red (Flashing) Specification Rainfall Showerhead Diameter: 20 cm Material: Brass Finishing: Chrome Shipping Weight: 1.0kg Features All accessories for installing are packed together with faucets, and it's easy for you to install the faucet correctly even if you never install faucets before. All of our faucets have been proved to be no-leak during lifetime due to the durable ceramic valves. The service life of ceramic valve can attain to more than 600,000 times whick allows our faucets to be used for a long time under 90 degree. Each of our faucets has been performed with 1.6Mpa high water pressure test before delivery to ensure the absolute quality.

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