Huggies Ultratrim - 22's SIZE 5

The first hug your new born ever feels is from you. Make sure the second hug is just as good, with Huggies ultra soft diapers for new baby. This pack of 22 diapers is specially designed for a new born baby. Its feather soft material and a delicate snug fit provide the baby with comfort that is second only to a motherÕs hug. It is clinically proven to help prevent diaper rashes. Its superior absorbency not only provides the baby with overnight dryness, but also absorbs runny poo, which is predominant with new born babies. And to top it all, it has a wetness indicator which clearly tells a mom when to change her babyÕs diaper. Give your new born baby the perfect care with Huggies ultra soft diapers for new baby.

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