Hy Top Chocolate Sprinkles 4.5oz

Color:Gold/Vanilla These edible shapes are made from a shiny edible paper which we make in house. They are perfect to use on all cakes, cupcakes, patisserie and ice products. The paper is resistant to moisture but will eventually dissolve if placed in water or left on a wet surface. They can be sprinkled or stuck to icing or buttercream. If sticking to icing the use a very small amount of edible glue or clear spirit. All of our products are made by our company from start to finish. We never buy in and re-brand, neither do we Photoshop pictures to add sparkle effects. Essentially what you see is what you get. Any of our products can be made in any color. If you desire a product that is not listed then please contact us via amazon and we will endeavor to list it for you. We are always open to suggestions about new shapes. We hope you enjoy decorating your products with ours. All paper products are suitable for vegetarians.

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