Indian Girl Flour 1lb

Flavor:Coconut Flour  |  Size:1.16 Pound Welcome to Coconut Country Living & the world's greatest superfood: coconut, which basks in the delicious sun until it is ready to be harvested by local farmers, dried in small batches at low temperatures. The good people of this island would only make such non-gluten flours non-GMO, since they respect the tropical traditions! In choosing the coconut, avoiding the dangers of the modern wheat-based diet is just the beginning. Coconut flour is a powerful ally in detox, providing fuel for the body, helping burn fat. Being highly absorbent, you can use a coconut flour mix to satisfy cravings for bread, brownies, cookies, cakes, muffins, pancakes, tortillas, paleo coconut wraps, fish, chicken, soups, gravies, and smoothies. Our coconut flour is generally considered safe for those with blood sugar issues, yet its substantial protein and healthy fats give the body what it needs along with trace minerals. CCL's premium coconut flour is creamy white, being ground from fresh virgin coconuts, being lab-tested gluten-free & packaged in a dedicated gluten free, allergen-free, and GMO-free facility. Our "Beyond Organic" promise means keeping your family safe from ingredients like carageenan found in other "organic" products. Once you have ordered, that oh-so-beautiful brown box will arrive at your door from that tropical jungle we call "Amazon". Inhale the fragrant scent of your freshly cracked coconuts. Admire one of the finest labels of Coconut Country: low in cholesterol, but filled with love and caring. As you settle into the bliss of Coconut Country, expect your complimentary e-book of our finest coconut flour recipes, Coconut Flour Recipes, Savory and Sweet! Make sure you click the yellow Add to Cart button above and get an extra bag as we sometimes run out quickly! Your freezer is hungry too! And remember, don't just cook, go Cookoo! :)

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