Ritz Liquid Soap-Berries 237ML

Soap Nuts (aka soap berries, soapnuts, soapberry) Natural Liquid Laundry Soap, Detergent & Multi-purpose, Household Green Cleaner. Convenient, no-mess, micro-dose pump. Low cost per load. Dilute afor household cleaning needs. Recognized by the Green Dot Awards as: "NaturOli green detergents and cleansers use of saponin, which is derived naturally from soap nuts, is possibly the most significant green innovation in history for everyday household cleaning needs." and further proclaimed, Green Dot Awards are "a consumer guide to excellence in environmentally-sustainable practices." IDEAL for all with SENSITIVE SKIN & NOSES, and those experiencing skin irritations commonly caused by commercial detergents and cleaners. Note: not scented however no chemicals added to mask its natural scent. With roots in the development of quality natural skin care formulas, we have a unique perspective in the development of natural detergents and cleaners. EXTREME 18X is healthy for your skin and hair. Great for baby clothes & cloth diapers. For HIGH EFFICIENCY (HE) & STANDARD WASHERS. Eliminates need for chemically laden fabric softeners and dryer sheets. As a signer of the "Safety in Cosmetics Compact", all NaturOli formulas meet\ or exceed the strict requirements. 100% TRUE full & complete disclosure of ALL ingredients. Note: Doesn't contain bleach or optic brighteners so whites may darken over time. May not remove all tough stains that may require a solvant. NaturOli Soap Nut soap bars make great stain removers.

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