Scholar 3 Subject Book 1s

Color:Color May Vary Ê|Ê Size:5 Subject Ê|Ê style name:College Ruled iScholar is a leading manufacturer of school, home and office paper supplies. iScholar's iQ 5-Subject Poly Cover Double Wire Notebook is from our finest quality product line of notebooks that are perfect for home, office and school. It has heavyweight poly front and back covers with smooth round corners making it extremely durable and fashion forward. Each 11 x 9 inch notebook has 200 sheets of superior hi-brite, college ruled paper that are micro perforated for ease of removal when needed. There is an inner double sided poly pocket for storing papers, coupons, receipts or business cards and a pen holder on the back cover to easily access your pen for note taking. The multi-color poly removable tab dividers allow you to move them where needed to create the divisions you desire. iScholar products offer everything you need to stay organized and make the grade.

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