Simply Beyond Garlic 3oz

Simply Beyond - Everyday Food Made Better Our simply pure, organic herbs, vinegars and spices will take your meals beyond what you know, what you like and what you’ve ever tasted. Try us now for better flavors, better versatility and better value, every day. HOW IT'S MADE That’s simple. Only two ingredients go into making each of our Spray-On Herbs: pure, concentrated herb essential oil, mixed with just Non-GMO organic canola oil as a base. This perfect balance lets the herb extract’s natural, clean, intense aroma shine. With no chemicals, preservatives or even air contact (thanks to our innovative non-aerosol spray design), what you get is a year-round, shelf-stable source of fresh herb flavors. HOW IT TASTES Exactly how you’d imagine the freshest garlic, basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, cilantro and lemongrass would taste: pungent, earthy, fragrant, woodsy, spicy, floral, and citrusy, but likely better than you’ve ever tasted. And we’ve removed the unpleasant textures of some whole herbs, so you can focus on just clean, pure flavor. HOW IT'S USED You’ll use Spray-On Herbs in such a life-changing way, you’ll hardly ever miss fresh herbs again. Our herb extracts are flavor-packed, so you can start with just a little, and add more later for extra intensity. Just a quick drizzle or spritz, before, during, or after cooking, and you’ll be amazed at how elevated and customized your everyday dishes will be. Grilled meats, seafood, vegetables, pizza, French fries, sauces, stews, salads (as part of the dressing), and popcorn will taste effortlessly, affordably, gourmet.

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