Universal Corn Flakes 340g

Percy is a Tastier & Healthier Breakfast Experience that you can reward yourself with every morning! Made with Wholegrains & No added Preservatives, it is a Rich Source of Fibre, Vitamins, Iron & Protein. Made with Zero Cholesterol & helps manage weight. Tastes great with hot or cold milk, yoghurt, ice creams or enjoy it as a snack with friends & family. Available in 10 unique flavours: Corn Flakes, Honey Cornflakes, Choco Flakes, Choco Vanilla Flakes, Diet Muesli, Muesli Fruit & Nut, Chocolate Fills, Choco Vanilla Fills, Strawberry Fills & Fruit Rings. Try all 10 Percy Breakfast Cereals to experience Tastier & Healthier Breakfast everyday.

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