Anser Coloured Mop SM

Now accepts a range of standard mop handles up to 23mm diameter. Pivoting, low profile head, easy to maneuver. Reduce bending and reaching. Combine with restroom buckets (combr or comsr). Large 16" surface provides more direct cleaning contact and more scrubbing pressure. Collapses easily with the touch of a button to rinse or change mop head. Use with ergo tele pole (EP24R) or ergo pole (HH13R) and smartcolor micromops (MM40R or MD40R), smartcolor damp mop (DM40R) or restroom mix mop (MI40R). Dual bucket system conserves water, reduces use of disposable products and requires fewer chemicals. Microfiber keeps clean solution and dirty rinse water separate. Color-coding simplifies training and prevents cross-contamination. Ergonomically designed tools. Use with smartcolor micromop (UNG MM40R) and restroom telepole (UNG EP24R), sold separately. Pivoting low-profile nylon head. Large 16 (40cm) surface for added cleaning contact and scrubbing pressure. Button release for easy mop head change (mop head not including). 16" X 4-1/4" (40cm x 10.79cm)

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