Baby King Bottle/Nipple Brush Bk504C

Product Description Flexible and Durable Bottle And Nipple Brush Set for cleaning little ones bottle. Convenient to use. Clean bottle and nipple without damage. Non-slip grip handle. Straight handle for better grip. Soft nylon bristles for effective bottle cleaning From the Manufacturer An Effective Way of Cleaning Your Baby's Bottle and Nipple Use Little's bottle nipple brush set for cleaning your baby's bottle and nipple thoroughly. This set includes one large bottle brush and one small nipple brush. The large yellow brush features a special sponge head that easily reaches the base of the bottle, giving you a thorough cleaning. Both the brushes have their bristles made of soft nylon. Storing the Little's bottle & nipple brush set white yellow is also quite easy! With a loop featured at the end of both the brushes you can easily hang them. Flexible and Durable Design Hard-to-reach places in your baby's bottle and nipple will no longer be inaccessible, as this Little's bottle nipple brush set is highly flexible. With the nylon bristles, you do not need to worry about damaging the mouth of the bottle. Its nylon bristles are quite durable and easy to maintain. The nylon bristles of this Little's bottle brush set are specially designed for cleaning bottles. You can also sterilize this set in boiling water. This bottle and nipple brush set from Little's is made keeping high-quality standards in mind. Buy this brush set online and ensure yourself clean feeding bottle and nipple. Brand: Little's Includes: 1 bottle brush and 1 nipple brush Colour: Yellow and White Convenient to use Soft nylon bristles with sponge head for effective bottle cleaning

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