Best Choice Latex Gloves Medium

Who doesnÕt dream of Òchampagne on a beer budgetÓ? We all want a taste of luxury at a great price. The same ideal applies with 1st Choice Value Series Industrial Latex Gloves: You get the exceptional fit, feel, and comfort of latex at a price youÕll love. As these are 3. 5-mil gloves, they have excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity. Latex is more elastic than nitrile or vinyl, so it conforms better to the natural contour of your hand and gives you a perfect fit every time. With better puncture resistance than vinyl, they deliver barrier protection you can depend on. Latex guards against numerous common and specialty chemicals, especially acids, bases, and other water-soluble substances. TheyÕre suitable for countless applications including plumbing, painting, manufacturing, janitorial, sanitation, and industrial, and theyÕre made from component materials that comply with FDA regulations for food contact. Also great around the home, they will prove to be the perfect companion for projects from the kitchen to the attic to the garage to the yard. In short, itÕs a fantastic bargain for any task that requires frequent glove changes. Some applications demand a heavy-duty glove. For others, you want solid, dependable protection along with greater tactile sensitivity and sensational comfort. Skip the heavy and enjoy the light, luxurious experience of Value Series latex.

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