Carmetas Sweet Potato Porridge Mix 1lb

Why BabyStaples? BabyStaples is India's first certified and recommended organic baby food brand which manufactures products using those long forgotten super grains like millets, quinoa, amaranth - the powerhouse of nutrients. Our mission is to make the world healthier by inculcating healthy eating habits right from the stage of infancy. Make the switch today and say goodbye to preservatives, harmful chemicals and fortification. About Product - This product features the super food barley that is a rich source of minerals like molybdenum - is easily digestible and an excellent first food for babies starting 6 months. It is naturally sweetened with Apple & Sweet Potato. Shelf Life - Best before 4 months from the date of manufacture. Please seal the ziplock pouch properly and store in refrigerator for longer shelf life. Usage - Mix 2 tbsp powder with 120 ml water. Cook it on medium flame till the porridge thickens while stirring continuously. This product is naturally sweetened with apple & sweet potato. Add jaggery powder/milk powder to further sweeten the porridge and Serve warm. Note - Please adjust the taste and consistency as per your baby's liking. Kindly note that all BabyStaples products contain no salt, no sugar and no dairy products to make them adaptable to the taste of each baby and also to help mothers try their creativity with the products by mixing them with varied flavors like banana, apple, pear, dates, jaggery, sapota, veggie purees, formula milk, breast milk etc. Your baby will never be bored of the same flavor! Let her enjoy all the amazing distinct flavors that Mother Nature has in store. Happy Weaning! Enjoy the new beginning..

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