Champion Round Head Common Nails 1lb 2 1/2"

90 x 3.1 Galv Smooth Nail 2200 + 2 Fuel Cells 34 Degree Paper Champion brand collated nails. Suitable Applications: Roofing Framing Fencing Cladding Shuttering Decking. To fit nail guns: Paslode: Impulse 300 325 350 Powermaster Plus 325 350 F250S-PP F350S CT 325 5325S 5300S 5350S GN212 IMCT SK312. Hitachi: NR83AA NR83AA2 NR90AA NR90AD. DeWALT: D51822 D51823 D51823K. Hilti: CHN 9033. Senco:SN2 SN2+ SN3 SN4 SN70 SN325 SN325+ Framepro Models: 600 601 651 701XP 750XL 751XP. Makita: AN942 Bostitch: F33PT N79PT N90PT. Spotnails:YTD90

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