Dermasil Dry Skin Treatment Lotion 14.5oz

Controls even severe dry skin. Skin Lipid & EFA treatment. Hypo-allergenic. Paraben free. Cruelty free. No animal testing. HUGE size for long term skin care! Dermasil Labs has developed Dermasil OTC pharmaceutical skincare, a powerful dry skin treatment and skin protectant. This lotion contains four systems to control and provide long-lasting relief from severe dry skin. Occlusives to block moisture loss from the skin's surface. Humectant to bind water in the skin's outermost layers. Skin Lipds to enhance the skin's natural ability to retain moisture. EFA, an important componant of the skin's moisture barrier. Suitable for severe dry skin, and control of symptoms such as chapping, cracking, flaking, roughness, redness, soreness, and the itching associated with dry skin. Apply lotion to body daily.

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