Devcon Home 5 Min Epoxy 1oz

Product Description Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy is a two part, rapid curing, clear, general purpose epoxy. Better on rigid materials, this epoxy is useful for repairing cars, bikes, boats, golf clubs, skis and more. May also be used as a metal filler and to restore rotten wood. Only mix the amount of resin and hardener together that can be used within the handling time, and always mix equal portions of resin and hardener thoroughly together in order for the product to cure properly. You can add color pigment concentrate to epoxy after it has been thoroughly mixed. Bonds metal, wood, glass, ceramic, concrete, stone, china, plastic, and fiberglass with a tensile strength of 1,500 PSI. Resists water, gasoline, diesel, kerosene and most other chemicals. From the Manufacturer A waterproof clear epoxy that is resistant to chemicals. Extremely high bond strength, 2,500 psi, for heavier objects requiring an extra-strong bond.

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