Diamond Large Storage Zipper Bags 20's

Extra heavy duty bags. Organize, protect, and transport anything anywhere. The biggest, strongest most versatile Ziploc bags ever. These reinforced heavy duty plastic bags come with built in handles making them convenient for carrying items in and out of the house. And with their pleated bottom and secure Ziploc seal, they're perfect for storing even your bulkiest items while helping to protect them from moisture, dust, and pests. Designed to handle all kinds of loads you can use them to organize, transport, and store anything, anywhere, no more clutter in the garage, the basement, or your car. No. 65644: Extra large 4 bags, 2' x 1.7' No. 65645: Extra extra large, 3 bags, 2' x 2.7' No. 65676: Large, 5 bags, 15'' x 15''

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