Easy Bake All Purpose Flour 2kg

Size:2 KG Try using the Josef Marc gluten-free flour as a replacement to your regular flour in any traditional recipe. Trust us, itÕll taste so good that you'll never know it is gluten-free! More Information Adopting a gluten-free lifestyle doesnÕt mean you have to miss out on your favourite baked goods! With Josef Marc gluten-free flour, you can make fabulous baked goods and save your time & effort in making the perfect gluten-free products. At Josef Marc, quality, consistency, and innovation are the foremost values that we follow and our aim is to deliver great results time and again! An easy formula developed specifically for home bakers, this gluten-free flour produces the best ever homemade cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, brownies, and other popular options comfortably at home! The great news? Everything that you make will be free from artificial ingredients and preservatives! Milled by skilled artisans, this gluten-free flour will help you make amazing gluten-free recipes that are delicious and tasty. Be it birthday parties or any other social event, this gluten-free flour is sure to make your baking stand out and deliver incredible taste every time you bake it! You can rely on Josef Marc when you want to make fabulous baked goods for any occasion!

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