Easy Bake Whole Wheat Flour 2kg

Whole Wheat Flour (Atta) is the powdered form of wheat grain and is used to prepare soft, delectable Chapatis. Whole Wheat Flour, made from 100% MP 'Sharbati' wheat is made of 0% maida and 100% atta, which makes it extremely nutritious since it’s packed with health benefits. . Its promising wholesome flavor, aroma and taste will take you on healthy and tasty journey. Sharbati gehu is known for its soft quality and its taste on the sweeter side. The rotis (chappatis/flat breads) made from sharbati gehu are softer and they remain softer for a longer period. The dough is best when prepared in hot water. Having multiple health benefits, wheat flour is widely used in preparing Cookies, Breads, Pastas, Noodles and many other tempting delicacies.

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