Easy Pack Pizza Slice Container

Make Storing Leftover Pizza Easier than Ever before with Kitchknacks Pack of 3 Pizza Slice Containers How many times have you tried to heat up a pizza only to end up with a soggy mess? We know how that feels which is why we designed this pack of 3 Pizza Slice Containers. These pizza containers provide you with a fast and simple way to store, heat and serve pizza slices without compromising their shape and flavor. Easy To Carry & Store Thanks to the durable PP and TPR construction, our pizza slice saver is ideal to use at home and on the go. ItÕs perfect for use as a kidÕs lunchbox and can be stored in the refrigerator for leftover pizza so that you can cut back the expensive costs of pizza warps and bags for your leftover pizza slices for good A Simple, Convenient & Cost Friendly Solution Each pizza slice container box is made using BPA-free materials that are lightweight and sturdy to bring you a pizza slice container that can handle daily use. The lids stay firmly in place to make sure your pizza stays safely inside while the holes on the bottom allow heat to pass through more evenly. More Convenient Features YouÕll Love: - The pizza containers are dishwasher safe allowing you to quickly and easily clean them up - Space saving and stackable design allows you to easily store them anywhere you want - Each box can store a large pizza while maintaining its shape (not suitable for extra-large NY Style Slices) - Made using only BPA-Free and safe to use materials to make sure itÕs safe for you and your family - Can be stored in the freezer for long term storage (Please let it thaw at room temperature before heating) - The storage container measure approximately 8.2x9.8x1.3 Store, Heat & Serve Pizza Slices The Smart Way With Kitchknacks Pizza Slice Containers

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