Eclipse Whole Wheat Crackers 113g

Meet this wholesome pack of wheat & whey crackers that will put your fitness freak buddy to shame. It's made from locally sourced 100% whole wheat grains from the Vidarbha region and scores high on fibre, protein and calcium. A healthy lifestyle calls for small meals at 3-4 hour intervals. This pack of crackers will help you appreciate a good cup of chai in the morning, can be counted on to accompany you on quick meeting breaks, and will make the next party you host look effortless. On choosing this healthier pack of crackers you contribute directly to the welfare of small farmers & rural women; where a share of your investment goes back to support their livelihood and skills development. We use 100% whole wheat flour supplied by small farmers in Maharashtra. Our natural whey liquid is extracted from cultured dairy. The dough is fermented for over 18 hours to ensure a unique flavour and high nutrition. The cracker is then sprinkled with crunchy sesame and onion seeds before getting baked and sending it your way. Tip: Pair it with an Amul cheese dip or with a homemade bowl of fresh yogurt dip!

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