Eight Ball Rat/Mouse Glue Trap 2s

Item Package Quantity:1 Why No Way Outs glue trap pest control products?A tested and proven pest control technology, No Way Outs Traps are effective in catching and disposing of unwanted pests and fleas in an all-in-one easy and non-toxic solution.Our products are high quality glue board traps that catches rats, mice, and other rodents in their tracks in our highly sticky yet non-toxic/hazordous glue. Keeping you in mind, our traps were designed to capture pests without the "mess" of traditional traps and also catches disease carrying fleas and organisms that pests carry with them. No Way Out uses high quality materials to ensure the traps works every time! Unlike competitors that use a paper base for their traps, No Way Outs sturdy plastic base keeps pests in place long after they are caught. Set up is a breeze. Rodents such as rats and mice travel in paths along walls, as they are nearsighted. Knowing this, these traps work best when placed along walls and outlets where rodents are seen. No Way Outs glue traps are an efficient, sanitary, safe, high quality, low cost solution for your home or workplace pest problems!Available in multiple Sizes:Model # 9801: Jumbo (Biggest) Size Traps (2 Traps per Pack) - Recommended for Rats, Larger Rodents, MiceModel # 9805: Large (Bigger) Size Traps (2 Traps per Pack) - Recommended for Rats, Rodents, MiceModel # 9802: Medium (Big) Size Traps (4 Traps per Pack) - Recommended for Mice, Smaller Rodents

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