Eve Ginseng Tea 25s

Size:1 Pack GTEE® GREEN TEA | GINSENG Gtee Green Tea, the best antioxidant along with the energetic Ginseng root and tasty Amla will really maintain your youthfulness for the day. It helps to reduce fatigue, detoxifies and enegizes your body. GTEE® THE GOOD IN NATURE At Gtee, we believe that goodness should be inherent. That when it inhabits the very roots of our organisation, nurtured by our people and our processes, the result will always be something to be proud of. Goodness is in humility; the will to always learn, adapt and grow, in the virtue of integrity; honesty in everything we do and in being uncompromising in whatever we give to you. Why do we do it? Well, it comes naturally to us. Exquisite teas from INDIA.

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