Formula 1 Protectant Citrus 10.64oz

Style:New Car Keep your car spotless and shiny with Formula 1 Fragranced Protectant! This three-in-one spray is formulated to clean, protect, and freshen both the interior and exterior parts of your car. Apply it to rubber, vinyl, leather, or plastic. Wipe and clean the tires, car seats, and storage compartments, or shine the steering wheel and door controls. Aside from being a cleaning agent, this spray also protects a car twice as long as any other brand. It makes auto surfaces resistant to the sun‰۪s UV rays, dullness, cracks, and fading. It also leaves a lustrous shine without oily residue. This spray not only gives your car a new, shiny look‰ÛÓthe vanilla scent also provides long-lasting freshness, eliminating smoke and stale odors while keeping your car protected from dirt and grime. Give your car a complete visual overhaul. This 10.64 oz cleanser helps you maintain your vehicle by purifying and softening its surfaces for a luxurious and comfortable feel. Your car will look as good as new after a thorough cleaning with this protectant spray. Simply spray some Formula 1 Fragrance Protectant onto a surface and wipe it with a clean, soft cloth.

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