Freestyle Netted Body Puff

Size:3-Pack Ê|Ê Color:Light Blue Taking a shower or bath can be the most relaxing part of the day. The fragrance and feel of your favorite body wash has a way of comforting you, helping to wash away the sweat and stress from the day and prepare for anything. Your skin needs more than just the right body wash though. You need to exfoliate the dead skin to provide you with a fresh glow and softness that helps you to feel confident in whatever you wear after. Use the Purely Me Body Sponge to clean away the oil and grease and dirt from your sweaty skin, revealing the healthy layer beneath. Designed to be delicate, these bathtub accessories are gentle on sensitive skin while still achieving the deep clean you desire. Available in multiple package sizes, stock up for when itÍs time to change this one out so you're always prepared for a cleansing shower.

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