Frenchs Classic Yellow Mustard 8oz

From the very beginning, French's Classic Yellow Mustard has always been made from what today would be considered "clean, simple ingredients." More than a century later, those ingredients are still clean. Crafted by master grinders, French‰۪s Classic Yellow Mustard is America‰۪s best-loved mustard. Made from stone ground mustard seeds with a smooth texture, bright yellow color, and tangy taste, this zero fat, zero calorie, gluten free mustard brings hot dogs, burgers, and sandwiches to life. With no artificial flavors or artificial coloring, plus a conveniently sized 8 oz. bottle, enjoying mustard flavor at picnics, tailgate parties, baseball games and barbecues is easy with French‰۪s Yellow Mustard! The perfect complement to hot dogs, sandwiches, marinades, dressings, and eggs (or even as a mustard dipping sauce), French‰۪s Classic Yellow Mustard has been held to the same high standards French‰۪s has stood for over the last 100 years‰ÛÓauthentic American flavors that make food taste great.

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