Gain Blissful Breeze Laundry Detergent 50oz

How good does GAIN Liquid Laundry detergent smell? Its loyal users are called gainiacs. 'Snuff said. But if you're the type who thinks with your head as well as your nose, you'll love this: GAIN Laundry Detergent works in both HE and regular machines, and the detergent lifts away dirt and locks in amazing scent to keep your laundry smelling great even after two weeks! We could go on about the perfume micro capsules that gradually break and release scent while you wear your clothes so you're always getting bursts of Ahhhhh, but you've probably already left to wash your laundry with GAIN laundry Detergent. A sniff of GAIN blissful breeze gives you the great feeling of dancing on a breeze-kissed hillside - while dandelions tickle your face under bright summer Sunshine.

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