Giant Strawberries

150 seeds of giant strawberries for self-sowing. The fruits of this plant are as big as chicken eggs and also taste good. Simple and easy to grow with good garden soil with sunny to half-shady location. The fruits of strawberry plants are sometimes the most popular fruit. Especially in summer, many people resort to the delicious, red fruits. But strawberries can not only be a treat, they can also be a tasty and low-calorie snack. But not only this aspect speaks for the enjoyment of strawberries, because this fruit has much more to offer! Not only are strawberries low in calories, they also make an important contribution to a balanced and healthy diet. For example, strawberries contain a lot of vitamin C. This, in turn, is important for the body's antibodies. Also important is folic acid and iron for the body. These substances are important for the blood and the bones and can preventively also help against anemia. Folic acid and iron can thus also be added to the body through strawberries, as the red fruits also possess these important substances. In addition, strawberries contain a high proportion of calcium and thus also protect the bones from diseases such as osteoporosis. In addition, the strawberry brings the body potassium and magnesium and thereby has a positive effect on the heart

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