McCormick Total Seasoning for Chicken/Fish 5.37oz

McCormick Total Seasoning for Chicken & Fish has the zest of garlic and oregano plus the herby sweetness of parsley and cilantro, all blended with salt. Enhance the natural flavor of chicken and seafood with this savory seasoning. Your family will enjoy all the chicken and seafood dishes you prepare with McCormick Total Seasoning for Chicken & Fish. This savory blend of garlic, oregano, parsley and cilantro is all you need to season roast chicken, chicken breasts, fish and shrimp. It’s also versatile enough to make pork, beef and vegetables taste great! This seasoning is made with herbs and spices and has no MSG added. Add it on your spice rack – it makes dinnertime full of flavor with a quick and easy shake of a jar.

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