Oster Iron

Oster 4415 steam iron includes aluminium alloy sole plate with the non stick ability for easy ironing. The multi temperature mode helps you to set different temperature for different kind of clothes and the temperature indicator indicates whether the iron box is ready to be used. The handle on the Oster 4415 steam iron is ergonomic for ironing comforts. The Oster 4415 steam iron features a 360 degree swivel cord for easy manoeuvring. This swivel cord reduces the pressure on your palm and wrist during prolonged ironing sessions. The stable heel rest on the Oster 4415 steam iron helps in the storage of the iron during and after use. The variable temperature control on the Oster 4415 steam iron allows you to set variable temperatures for different kind of fabrics. High temperatures are suitable for thick fabrics and low temperatures for delicate materials. To keep your clothes wrinkle free Oster 4415 has spray mist feature to dampen fabrics, shot of steam feature provides extra boost of steam. Pressing vertical shot of steam button with the iron in an upright position produces a vertical shot of steam, which is ideal for steaming curtains and suits and removing creases from delicate fabrics. Holds 280ml of water for continual high steam performance without having to refill the tank regularly. To further increase the life and performance of Iron it has anti calc feature which help to prevent mineral deposit inside it.

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