Posh Round Compostable Plates 25s 9"

For beautiful plates that are sturdy and rustic while being disposable and biodegradable, look no further! Introducing Naturally Chic's line of disposable dinnerware. Our plates and bowls are all created from fallen palm leaves in Southern India - sustainably sourced and never taken directly from the tree itself. The palm leaves are then hot-pressed into the plate's shape - with NO added chemicals or plastics! This creates a beautiful, rustic wood-like material that is more sturdy than paper or plastic plates, while being completely biodegradable and natural! Features: → 100% Biodegradable → Disposable → Look and feel of wooden plates → Made from sustainably sourced fallen palm leaves → Sturdier than paper plates - won't get soggy → Perfect for large meals, party spreads → Ideal for weddings, parties, camping, and beach days These 9" round soup plates are perfect for serving soups, dips, puddings, ice cream and desserts.Ideal for restaurants, weddings, or other fancy events where you want to feature beautiful, wood-like dinnerware, but also want the convenience of disposable plates! Purchase today to get the convenience of disposable plates without harmful plastics or soggy paper!

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