Printed Black Out Panel 1s

Size:57"W x 102"L Ê|Ê Color:Brown - Deep Brown Mc9017 - Gomettes Printed Blackout Curtain The Moondream Printed Brown blackout curtain is a two-in-one technical solution that dresses windows with stylish fabrics and gives you the option to block out up to 99% of the light*. Product benefits: - Blackout effect treatment: block out up to 99% of the light. - Heavy fabric that provides a lovely and elegant hanging effect. - Adjustable curtain thanks to an iron-on-tape (provided) - Bottom sewn with an overcast seam. - Reinforced top section, made without stitching, provides a flawless overall appearance - Seamless effect and discreet stitching Product characteristics: - Function: Blackout - Size: 57"W x 102"L - Tie: Grommet - Care: machine-washable - Color: Brown - Material: 100% polyester - Made in Europe (Poland) Grommets finishes: - Mashine-washable and rust-proof - 1,6 inch inner diameter - Regular intervals spacing to avoid crimping the fabric Moondream curtains: More than 400 unique curtains. The biggest choice of curtains and technical linings (blackout - thermal - soundproof). Our goal? To blend the beauty of our fabrics and colors to cutting-edge technical performance. All of our curtains are tested in independent labs. MOONDREAM offers a wide range of technical curtains - Discover our amazing collections! *Report N¡M109 of the ENVEHO bureau dated June 2011. (* or ** Contact us for more technical informations)

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