Shout Colour Catcher 24's

Absorbs And Traps Loose Dyes To Keep Colors Vibrant. A Revolution For Your Laundry! 24 Dye-Trapping, In-Wash Cloths. Shout® Color Catcher™ is specially designed to work like a sponge. It absorbs and traps loose dyes in the wash, safely locking them away so they can't redeposit on other clothes. Shout Color Catcher keeps clothes looking vibrant and new, wash after wash. Now you can mix colors in the same load. Saves you time and money! Shout Color Catcher: Allows you to mix light, medium, and bright colors (greens, khakis, blues, and blacks). Keeps colors vibrant and brightens your whites. Works well on all fabrics, at all temperatures and with all laundry products.

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