Silk Soymilk Original 946ml

Enjoy the delicious taste of Silk Original Soymilk on your favorite breakfast cereals or pour a tall glass to get your day started right. This all-natural beverage is an excellent source of calcium and protein. Declared heart healthy by the FDA, Silk soymilk, available in a pack of 6, cooks just like dairy milk. You can substitute it cup-for-cup in many recipes, such as hearty tomato soup. This lactose-, dairy- and cholesterol-free soy product is made with top-quality GMO-free soybeans. It's also made without casein and MSG. In addition, Silk milk, 32 fl oz, is low in unsaturated fat and has only 100 calories per cup. Keep plenty on hand in your pantry for meal preparation, baking or a refreshing beverage any time of day.

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