Smuckers Goober Grape 18oz

Size:18 Ounce Peanut Butter n Jelly Combination Snacking can become a little more interesting with Smucker's Goober PB & Grape Jelly Stripes. It's a delightful blend of fresh roasted peanuts and concord grapes. It tastes great with sandwiches, crackers, shortbreads and other snacks. Kids like to add this combination to all their favorites. Attractive stripes Contains peanut butter and jelly Rich in protein Kosher certified Smucker's Goober PB & Grape Jelly Stripes is good to accompany with snacks and desserts. Just For You: The entire family Essential Elements: Smucker's Goober PB & Grape Jelly Stripes is made from ground roasted peanuts and Concord grape juice. Loaded with protein which is necessary for both adults and kids, it has a great taste too. Free of: Cholesterol and trans fat

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