Soldanza Plantain Chips L/S Special 6pk

Flavor:Lightly Salted Soldanza is a product of the sun. All our cassava, plantain and banana are nurtured on family farms bathed by the beautiful Caribbean sun. We lovingly convert these glorious ingredients into a natural and scrumptious snack. None of our snacks contain artificial preservatives, colourings or flavours. Our mission is to provide the best of nature for you and your family to enjoy. The abundant tropical rain forests of the Caribbean produce some of the world's sweetest cassava, banana and plantain. This luscious, rugged and beautiful environment gives rise to the unique flavours of Soldanza. We only use produce lovingly grown on small family farms where each fruit is harvested by hand and then selected for perfect texture and sweetness. Each chip is carefully fried until just golden and then delicately seasoned to produce an irresistible snack flavoured by the goodness of nature. Soldanza chips are gluten free and contain absolutely no artificial colours or preservatives. Our ingredients are perfect as Mother Nature intended, and make a tasty snack packed with natural goodness. Give in to the Goodness!

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