Sunshine Corn Flakes 200g

Healthly Balance corn flakes are made by forming the corn grits into small toasted corn flakes, the plain corn flakes are flavoured with sugar, salt and malt. Every bite of these crispy golden coloured Hb corn flakes is just as delicious as the first. It starts from fresh, sun-ripened corn. The selected grains are then cooked. The grains are lightly flattened. Then they are gently toasted to develop your delicious golden cereal. 100% Vegetarian product can be consumed by the general population at home or office. It has No added preservative and synthetic colour and flavour and free from any harmful chemicals. A quick and convenient breakfast in just 2-3 minutes, just you have to add fresh or dried fruits, nuts or cinnamon as per your choice to enjoy the healthy and nutritious breakfast. your way to a great day when you pour Healthly Balance Corn Flakes cereal into your breakfast bowl. Grab a pack and kick start your day with good health and great taste!

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