TBL Deck Mops Medium

Mop Smarter, Not Harder * * If your mop head isn't clean, then you're not really cleaning your floors. You're just spreading around dirty water festering bacteria. If only you can mop with a clean mop head after each dip in your bucket. Well, now you can. The Spin Mop is a cleaning system that spins away dirty water from your mop head. The dirty water collects in the bucket, and you're ready to clean your floors with a dirt-free microfiber mop. The family brings you cleaning tools that make cleaning faster and easier. Spin away dirt and grime from your mop head with the award-winning Spin Mop cleaning system, take sweeping to the next level when you use Spin Broom, blast away filth with the Spin Scrubber, and brush away fur and lint from fabrics 2x faster with Fur Wizard.* * Patented Centrifugal Spinning Technology * * The included mop bucket uses patented centrifugal spinning technology that spins away dirty water, leaving you with a clean mop head. Dunk your mop in your bucket like you would normally do. Then, place the mop head in the circular basket. Push down on the pedal with your foot and the basket spins. The centrifugal force from spinning dispels dirty water from the microfiber mop head. The faster you push your foot on the pedal, the faster the basket spins. Be careful not to spin too fast! This patented spinning bucket works exclusively with the Spin Mop.* * 360-Degree Pivoting Mop Head * * Spin Mop features a 360-degree pivoting mop head that slides under that tightest furniture gaps.* * Microfiber Mop Head * * Spin Mops microfiber mop head picks up 10x its weight. Excess water is sucked up into the microfiber head, rather than sitting on your floor.* * 6 Months Manufacturer Warranty.

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