Toledo Steel Padlock 50mm

Size:50mm 1" Shackle ?? Do you trust your padlock to protect your valuables while you aren't there? ??TOLEDO's weatherproof steel padlock is guaranteed to put up a hell of a fight against the elements and intruders. Secure spaces make for joyful families and productive working environments. Toledo Lock Black Series TBK50JR is a security padlock conveniently available in keyed alike padlock groups. Specially packaged with 6 pinned spool top pins to resist picking, anti-cutting shackle, anti-drilling & are bump resistant. Heavy-duty plastic outer shell case provides significant protection against environmental conditions. Thoughtfully engineered with American Lock keyway plus retrofits with Master Lock Pro-Series core cylinders for no-hassle key duplication and available keyed alike (working with the same key) if several are purchased. Each padlock is manually assembled & key coded to your particular order (additional padlocks can be ordered matching previous orders, simply contact your original seller). This means that you can purchase a 2 pack, 3 pack, 4 pack or more! Features exceptionally strong Molybdenum hardened alloy shackle with 15/16" X 15/16" shackle clearance, body measures 2" (53mm) wide . Backed with extraordinary manufacturer lifetime guarantee. Dual ball bearing locking to resist up to 13,000 pounds of prying pressure. Totally rekeyable design and key compatible with 5 or 6 pin American Padlocks. Designed for Home/Commercial/Industrial security applications inner steel case body is proven to withstand repeated physical attack. Toledo Lock Black Series is a genuine tough padlock comparable with similar Master Lock & American Lock hardware. Endorsed by professional locksmiths. Order weather proof security Today! Best Used For Entrance, gates, garages, boathouses, factory, storefront, truck doors trailers, vans & moving trucks, commercial, manufacturing environments & other. Buy Yours Today! Don't just lock it...SECURE IT!

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