Top Care Cotton Balls 100c

Product Description Pigeon - Cotton balls From the Manufacturer Super Soft Cotton Wipes for Babies The Pigeon cotton balls are ideal for cleaning babies. Extremely easy to use and hygienic, the cotton balls can be used to clean any part of your baby's delicate skin. Their super absorbent quality and soft texture make them work excellently well to clean the baby's private parts too each time the baby soils itself. Made of pure cotton and lenient weaving, the Pigeon cotton balls for baby can be used for repetitively cleaning the same area, without leaving any harsh rashes or discomfort. They can also be used to wipe ears, underarms and other delicate areas conveniently too. Designed for Your Baby's Tender Skin Pigeon baby cotton balls pack is a unique product that has been developed keeping in mind the tenderness of your baby's skin. The superior quality cotton used in these balls ensures that your baby's skin is not harmed every time you use it. Being a big pack of hundred, the pigeon cotton balls 100pc is guaranteed to last longer. You can use the cotton balls from Pigeon to clean your baby, clean the nursing products or use it for skin care. The balls absorb all the unwanted moisture and dirt keeping the surface dry and therefore disease free. Brand: Pigeon Soft cotton balls With super absorbent quality Material: 100% pure cotton Quantity: 100 Dimensions: 22.4 x 19.6 x 6.4 cm Recommended Age: New Born and up

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