Trisonic Sealing Tape 2"x110yd

Packing Tape: Packing tape is very useful in a variety of different applications, however its most common use is for sealing boxes. These tapes come with a strong adhesive and tough durability making it the perfect product to use for shipping and/or storing packages. Available in multiple different sizes and thicknesses, we are confident you will find a tape to suit your needs. Carton Sealing Tape: Carton sealing tape is an acrylic based tape that works great in a variety of different elements. Available in multiple different widths, lengths and mils (thickness), this is the ideal tape for sealing boxes needing to be both shipped and stored. This tape works great in a wide range of temperature, letting you be confident your package will stay safely secured. Easy to use on its own, our carton sealing tape can also be combined with one of our tape dispensers, making application even easier and more efficient. Item Specifications: _ Performs in a Range if Temperatures. _ High Shear Tape with Greater Holding Power. _ Smooth unwind quality and strongly seals to surfaces. _ Premium performance - resists breakage and seam splitting during application. _ Color: Clear; Total Thickness: 1.6 Mil. _ Excellent for both industrial and residential purposes. _ Standard 3Ó core diameter - common size for most tape dispensers. _ Premium adhesive/tensile strength; Light to Medium Duty Acrylic Packaging Tape. _ Acrylic Tape - high performance longevity, ideal for cold storage applications. DISCLAIMER: ALL PICTURES SHOWN ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE ONLY. ACTUAL PRODUCT MAY VARY DUE TO PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT.

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