Wibisco ChocoNilla Tea Time 110g

Ootymade Homemade Special Varkey We at Ootymade make these special cookies type with all natural ingredients resulting in great taste and trust. This varkey will be a highlight for any occasion and anywhere. Quantity : 2 kg Ingredients : Wheat flour Texture: Soft and Crispy Joy of Enjoying : These homemade cookies are baked until crisp and just enough to remain soft. We maintain the softness of this delicious varkey by baking it long time. It is not considered sweet enough but you will feel the difference with normal cookies. These snacks are perfect for school time, enjoying in the car or even at work. Ooty varkey offer delicious homemade memories. It is baked with love and makes you feel happy with every bite. It is packed with three layer insulated box to ensure the cookies are tightly packed and keeping it fresh. Enjoy the natural homemade varkey and treat your taste buds. We are all about sourcing the best ingredients to create a premium homemade varkey or cookies with natural ingredients making it more delicious. Make any occasion as a special treat with these wonderful varkey. We care for you.

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