Zatarain Long Grain & Wild Rice 7oz

Zatarain's New Orleans Enriched Natural Parboiled Extra Long Grain Rice is unsurpassed In quality. Zatarain's starts with long grain rice. The grains are steamed to push the rice's natural nutrients Into the grain so they aren't lost in milling as with ordinary long grain rice. The steam takes off sticky surface sticky. Finally, so the grains cook up separate and fluffy, now each and every grain of Zatarain's Rice is Individually inspected for quality - grain by grain. Zatarain's has been a New Orleans tradition since 1889, and in Loulsiana a lot of good cooking begins with rice. The rice has got to be right for the meal to be right. From red beans and rice to chicken and rice, you can count on Zatarain's Rice to come out right in your cooking.... Use in your favorite casserole dishes, salad recipes or top with Zatarain's Gumbo. Perfect every time. Never sticky, it's always separate and fluffy.

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